Cocoa Nuts – food of the gods

Good news for all chocolate lovers and lovers of cocoa drink: now proven that we have a healthy chocolate that has real benefits for our health.

Cocoa nuts are fruits that grow on the cacao tree. Origin of the tree in the Amazon region and is grown only in hot weather conditions, wet and in thick vegetation, the tree shaded sunshine and winds. Tree yielding its fruits throughout the year.

During the Mayan and Aztec tribe of cocoa was great value. Sometimes used beans as a substitute for money. Throughout history have used cocoa various medical needs, in fact there were over 100 medical uses cocoa, which uses collected letters found in Europe.

Cocoa three major uses ancient medicine:
1. Weight lifting

2. Strengthening / weak nervous system stimulation, treatment of apathy or exhaustion.

Cocoa antidepressants
Cocoa nut contains nutrients earned him the image of an antidepressant. Nut contains three Neurotransmitter encourage a good mood: Serotonin, Dopamine, Phenylethylamine – PEA
The PEA in chocolate walnut affects brain chemistry in a positive way that it secretes a chemical in the brain that gives a feeling similar to when in love.

Cocoa contains an amino acid called tryptophan tryptophan and chemical called monoamine oxides) mao). Oxidase which allow serotonin and dopamine Lnrotrnsmitor moving circulation for longer and thus improves mood and helps the overall good feeling.

Chocolate and Heart Health

Besides the wonderful feeling similar to love, chocolate has many benefits for heart health and blood vessels. In fact the Aztecs called the cacao “yolloti eztli” means “heart blood”. Already in their time they realized the importance of the cocoa cure cardiovascular system (CVD).

Cocoa advantages in that it makes a number of pathogenic processes that cause the development of CVD, the most important among them is inhibiting the oxidation process the LDL (bad cholesterol) by free radicals. This is to prevent or stop the process of the formation of a major arterial branch. More chocolate prevents the tendency of platelets to stick and form blood clots.


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