The invention of the ice cream and sorbet

The invention of the ice cream and sorbet “competitors” Spaniards, the Chinese ancient Rome, but no one knows exactly who invented it. Luciana Pouliot, gelato historian and museum curator, says that the first recipe for making ice cream, milk and eggs included, dated to the 17th century and written in Florence.


1) billion Chinese do not make mistakes …

This is a common mistake to think the ice cream was invented in Italy, the Kingdom of gelato. In fact, and like many other products, ice cream was invented in China thousands of years ago. The ice cream was invented in China is completely different ice cream as we know it today, and was made by mixing the noodles and ice.

(2) When arriving in Israel?

Israel’s first ice cream parlor opened in the ’50s by an immigrant couple from Bulgaria Jaffa, was sold “gum ice cream” with elastic and sticky texture based on an orchid powder, spice and rosewater Mstika. Only began to market ice cream in the country was very limited range of flavors which amounted mostly chocolate and vanilla flavors.

(3) not only chocolate – vanilla
In recent years “misbehave” with combinations and different flavors of ice cream around the world, even in Japan you can find red bean flavored ice cream, green tea ice cream and ice cream, sticky rice and dried.

(4) spicy Indian dessert
India sold ice cream called Kulfi includes unique flavors from the Far East spices like cardamom, saffron, avocado and more. In addition, it is likely a different method or Italian or French ice cream so its melting time is slow for them.

(5) can also fry
Ice cream deep fried in a dough mixture makes an excellent dessert that combines cold and hot, and this is a very popular dessert in China.

(6) the highest quality ice cream

Sorbet is a type of ice cream made from a blend of fruit puree, sugar syrup and stabilizers. Prepare the sorbet, slowly mixing machine to not enter the air mix, in order to create a dense, rich sorbet flavors.


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