Sprouts , their Health Benefits and Chemoprotective Properties.

Sprouts have many valuable attributes in relation to human health. Back in the 1920’s, an American Professor named Edmond Szekely put forward the concept and way of life of Bio-genic Nutrition

He classified sprouted seeds and baby greens as the most beneficial foods and recommended that they make up 25% of our daily food intake, calling them life-generating Bio-genic foods which he claimed offer the strongest support for cell regeneration.

In our daily life, various factors transpire to create free radicals within our bodies.

Free radicals are highly unstable oxygen molecules needing an electron to stabilise their entropy (chaotic state).

By stealing electrons from healthy cells the causal effects of this are the breakdown of vital biological structures and the alteration of DNA and RNA (a process called per oxidation).

Once this has occurred, the affected cell will only reproduce the altered version.These superfoods are a powerful source of antioxidants (minerals, vitamins and enzymes) which assist in protecting against this damage.

A healthy body is alkaline (i.e not acidic).Bio-genic foods have an alkalising effect on the body.

Raw foods contain oxygen and regular consumption of raw bio-genic foods with their abundant oxygen is valuable to health.

Double Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg found growth of cancer cells were initiated by a lack of oxygen and these cells, along with viruses and bacteria, could not live in an alkaline and oxygen rich environment.

Bio-genic foods are a good source of essential fatty acids (the average western diet is generally deficient in these) which play a major role in the immune system defences and are one of the highest food sources of fibre.

When these superfoods are grown to the chlorophyll rich two leaf stage, it has been shown they have been effective in overcoming protein-deficiency anaemia.

Some women have found that daily consumption of these superfoods has given relief from hot flushes and supported hormonal function.

The supply of vitamins (B complex and C) existing in seeds can be increased by the sprouting biochemistry over several days by 100% to 2000%.

This biochemistry modifies the array of minerals in sprouts so that they are in a chelated form which is more easily assimilated in the body.

It also denatures protein into the amino acid building blocks so that we can digest them in half the time of cooked foods.


What is vegan? why vegan?

Raw vegan lunch. Spicy seaweed wraps with pean...

Raw vegan lunch. Spicy seaweed wraps with peanut sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dairy products and their production

Dairy products and their production (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, or poultry. Vegans, in addition to being vegetarian, do not use other animal products and by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics, and soaps derived from animal products.

Why Veganism?

People choose to be vegan for health, environmental, and/or ethical reasons. For example, some vegans feel that one promotes the meat industry by consuming eggs and dairy products. That is, once dairy cows or egg-laying chickens are too old to be productive, they are often sold as meat; and since male calves do not produce milk, they usually are raised for veal or other products. Some people avoid these items because of conditions associated with their production.

Many vegans choose this lifestyle to promote a more humane and caring world. They know they are not perfect, but believe they have a responsibility to try to do their best, while not being judgmental of others.

Vegan Nutrition

The key to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety. A healthy and varied vegan diet includes fruits, vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Healthy eating

You should be able to get most of the nutrients you need from eating a varied and balanced vegan diet.

A healthy vegan diet contains:

  • plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • plenty of starchy foods
  • some non-dairy sources of protein such as beans and pulses
  • some dairy alternatives such as fortified soya drink
  • just a small amount of fatty and sugary foods


Cocoa Nuts – food of the gods

Good news for all chocolate lovers and lovers of cocoa drink: now proven that we have a healthy chocolate that has real benefits for our health.

Cocoa nuts are fruits that grow on the cacao tree. Origin of the tree in the Amazon region and is grown only in hot weather conditions, wet and in thick vegetation, the tree shaded sunshine and winds. Tree yielding its fruits throughout the year.

During the Mayan and Aztec tribe of cocoa was great value. Sometimes used beans as a substitute for money. Throughout history have used cocoa various medical needs, in fact there were over 100 medical uses cocoa, which uses collected letters found in Europe.

Cocoa three major uses ancient medicine:
1. Weight lifting

2. Strengthening / weak nervous system stimulation, treatment of apathy or exhaustion.

Cocoa antidepressants
Cocoa nut contains nutrients earned him the image of an antidepressant. Nut contains three Neurotransmitter encourage a good mood: Serotonin, Dopamine, Phenylethylamine – PEA
The PEA in chocolate walnut affects brain chemistry in a positive way that it secretes a chemical in the brain that gives a feeling similar to when in love.

Cocoa contains an amino acid called tryptophan tryptophan and chemical called monoamine oxides) mao). Oxidase which allow serotonin and dopamine Lnrotrnsmitor moving circulation for longer and thus improves mood and helps the overall good feeling.

Chocolate and Heart Health

Besides the wonderful feeling similar to love, chocolate has many benefits for heart health and blood vessels. In fact the Aztecs called the cacao “yolloti eztli” means “heart blood”. Already in their time they realized the importance of the cocoa cure cardiovascular system (CVD).

Cocoa advantages in that it makes a number of pathogenic processes that cause the development of CVD, the most important among them is inhibiting the oxidation process the LDL (bad cholesterol) by free radicals. This is to prevent or stop the process of the formation of a major arterial branch. More chocolate prevents the tendency of platelets to stick and form blood clots.

Some things you ought to know… Carrots and Broccoli

Carrot (CARROT)


Apiaceae family

Carrots – Health King! Studies show time and again the power to effectively fight disease. More than 200 human studies, carrots and repeated consistently appeared as one of the most important foods Cancer, along with greens, tomatoes and cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower). The Power Sector, also helps protect against other diseases, prevention of yellow pigments Orchestra – orange family Carotenoids: Alpha – carotene, beta – and of course Kriftoksntin beta – carotene, carotenoid common and suspect them.

The orange team

Carotenoids such as beta – carotene and alpha – typical carrot carotene, plus other phytochemicals, are also different concentrations in vegetables and other fruits.

Get the “orange team”:

Sweet potato
Orange Hotel

Who are you beta – carotene?

Beta – Carotene:

Pigment Yellow – Orange family of carotenoids.

The Carotenoids

Carotenoids are a large family of pigments responsible for the yellow color, orange and red vegetables and many fruits. Today recognized 600 carotenoids contributing to reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and blindness. Carotenoids may also slow down the aging process, reduce complications associated with diabetes, and improve lung function.

Beta – carotene is known between carotenoids and is also used as the main source of vitamin A (and therefore is called pro – vitamin A). Vitamin A is essential for vision, maintaining the proper functioning of the immune system, normal growth, maintenance of healthy skin and reduce cancer risk. Else, 50 other carotenoids are also a source of vitamin, although beta – carotene is common among them.

Beta – Carotene – long arms Cancer Fighter

Beta – Carotene cellular communications

Beta – carotene helps the type of cellular communications that can help prevent cancer. Abnormal communication between cells may be one reason overgrowth of cells, a condition that leads ultimately to cancer. Beta – Carotene Helps intercellular communication by activation of a gene, which created tiny openings in the cell and allows the transfer of information from cell to cell. Studies it appears that all the dietary carotenoids, including lycopene main, lutein and beta – Kriftoksntin, helping cellular communication, but beta – carotene does it better than the others.


Broccoli sprouts health food are first class.

Broccoli is a vegetable from the cabbage, cruciferous. For many years it is recognized as a health food. Tend to eat it steamed. But, if you want to keep most of the health qualities, it is important to eat him alive, or make him juice with carrots and other vegetables. Eaten broccoli sprouts contribute to health living.
Broccoli prevents diseases

Broccoli Juice health drink is considered first class. It contains a substance called Glokorofnin Lolforofo making material, a powerful anti-cancer. It has Teotziantim active substances in anti-cancer genes. Eating sprouts helps prevent and cure several types of cancer, especially prostate cancer.

It also helps to clean toxins from the liver. Broccoli juice has a high level of selenium and fiber – so this juice helps prevent cancer of the stomach and colon.

The juice provides protection from UV damage, and that the protection of the interior cells. At the same time, he does not bother to create vitamin D during exposure to the sun – use sun protection creams also interfere to create vitamin D.

Broccoli also has antioxidant capabilities, it reduces hypertension – blood and reduces risk of dangerous infections of the heart muscle and arteries.

Sulforaphane found in broccoli

Sulforaphane found in broccoli helps against Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria cause stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. The remaining fibers contribute to the proliferation broccoli juice acidophilus bacteria in the intestines. It also lowers cholesterol levels.

Calcium which helps maintain bone mass and body fat burning. It reduces the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that increases excessive appetite and fat accumulation in the abdomen.

Broccoli also contains significant amounts of folic acid, it is always important but especially for pregnant women, it has a nice amount of vitamin C as an antioxidant and inflammation and it also helps the absorption of iron from food plants. When you combine broccoli juice with juices of other foods, such a combination has further increased ability to maintain health. Can be combined with celery juice, cucumber, cabbage leaves, a little ginger root, as well as carrot juice or apple that enhance the flavor of the juice involved.

Broccoli also protects against stomach ulcers and duodenal and gastric cancer. Daily consumption of broccoli sprouts or its flowers may greatly reduce the risk of gastric ulcers and duodenal or gastric cancer. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the United States conducted a study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research professional. In this study gave 30 men in Japan for two months to eat or about 70 C day broccoli sprouts or such amount of alfalfa sprouts. With the beginning of the experiment and participants were ultimately tests to detect fecal contamination with H. pylori causes chronic inflammation of the stomach, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers to gastric cancer.

The researchers found that those who ate broccoli sprouts, bug infestation level decreased by 40% with the end of the experiment. Who stopped eating these sprouts within two months of the initial infestation is back to its level. Alfalfa sprouts had no effect on the bug infestation.


Vegan “Meat” Substitutes & Tofu:
  • Fry’s Crumbed Schnitzel
  • Fry’s Vegetarian Traditional Burgers
  • Fry’s Country Mushroom Pies
  • Fry’s Vegetarian Chicken-Style Strips
  • Sanitarium “Not Burgers”
  • Sanitarium Lentil Patties
  • Sanitarium Veggie Roast
  • Sanitarium Deli Luncheon
  • Sanitarium Nutmeat
  • Sanitarium  Nutolene
  • Sanitarium Vegetarian Sausages
  • Sanitarium Tender Pieces
  • Sanitarium Casserole Mince
  • Syndian Falafel
  • Syndian Veggie Bites
  • Syndian Asian Bean and Kumera
  • Syndian Lentil Burgers
  • Soyco Tofu – Japanese, Malaysian, Thai
  • Soyco Soy Steak
  • Blue Lotus Sweet chilli Tofu Nuggets
  • Blue Lotus Premium Silken Tofu
  • Nutrisoy Extra Firm Tofu
  • Nutrisoy Tofu Spicy
  • Nutrisoy Tasy Tempeh
  • Simply Better Foods Organic Tofu
  • Eatwell Lentil Burgers and Red Lentil Burgers
  • Eatwell Veggie Burgers – Chickpea & Sunflower Seeds and Chickpea & Spinach
  • Yumi’s Falafel Balls
  • Orgran Falafel Mix
  • N.S.M Falafel Mix

Milk Substitutes & Flavouring:
  • So Good Milks – Rice, Almond, Soy
  • Coles – Soy
  • Vitasoy – Rice, Oat
  • Pure Harvest – Rice, Soy
  • Australia’s Own – Almond, Rice, Soy
  • Nestle Carnation – Soy Creamy Cooking Milk
  • Nesquik – Chocolate, Strawberry
Pastry and Frozen Savoury Goods:
  • Coles Oriental Vegetable Platter
  • Ho Mai Spring Rolls
  • Coles Puff Pastry
  • Pampas Shortcrust Pastry
  • Orgran Pastry Mix – Puff, Shortcrust, Shortbread
  • Nevana Fresh Pizza Bases

Misc. Savoury:
  • Pitago Organic Soup – pumpkin & ginger, tomato & thume and minestrone.
  • Campbells Ladle Farmhouse Vegetable Canned Soup
  • Heinz Canned Soups – Very Special Homestyle Veg and Barley, Spicy Lentil
  • SPC Rich Tomato Baked Beans
  • Heinz – Baked Beans in Rich Tomato
  • Coles Organic Canned Spaghetti
  • Dolmio Sauces: Basil, Extra Garlic, TOmato Onion and Roast Garlic, Farmhouse Vegetables, Extra Garden Vegetables
  • Raguletto Pasta Sauces: Bolognese, Venetian Onion Herbs and Spices
  • Celebrate Health – Lentils Mediterranean, Quinoa Moroccan, Lentils Moroccon, Organic Vegetable Stock
  • Maggi 2 minute Noodles – oriental flavour only
  • Massel Stockcubes – Chicken, Beef, Vegetable
  • Orgran Egg Replacer
  • Spiral Foods Organic Instant Miso Soup
Dips, Sauces and Spreads:
  • Toffuti Better than Cream Cheese
  • Kingland Cream Cheese
  • Copha Vegetable Shortening
  • Nuttelex spreads: original, lite, olive and olive lite
  • Pureland organic Hommus
  • Coles Sweet Potato Dukkah
  • Coles Caramelised Onion Hommus
  • Coles Olive Hommus
  • Yumi’s Basil and Pinenut
  • Yumi’s Harissa
  • Yumi’s Spicy Pumpkin Dip
  • Yumi’s Creamed Beetroot Dip
  • Black Swan Hommus with Garlic Olive Oil
  • Black Swan Hommus
  • Black Swan White Hommus
  • Wattle Valley Roasted Pumpking & Basil
  • Kraft Peanut Butter
  • Kraft Vegetmite
  • Scooby Doo Sweet William Chocolate Spread
  • Praise 99% Fat-Free Mayonnaise
Savoury Snack Items:
  • Vege Chips Range
  • Smiths Original Chips
  • Kettle Original Chips
  • Doritos Original Corn Chips
  • Sunrise Gluten Free Rice Crackers
  • Arnots Barbeque Shapes
  • Arnotts Original Jatz
  • Vitaweats Original

Savoury Breads:

  • Golden Crumpets
  • Tip Top Original English Muffins
  • Homestyle Bake Herb, Garlic and Parsley Focaccia
  • Byblos Original White Pita Bread
  • Sanitarium Light n Tasty Berry with Oat Clusters
  • Sanitarium Weet-Bix
  • Uncle Toby’s Plus Fibre Apples and Sultanas
  • Cheerios 4 Wholegrains
  • Kellogs Rice Bubbles
  • Kellogs Nutri-Grain
Cold/Frozen Aisle Sweet Things:
  • Sanitarium So Good Ice Creams – Chocolate, Vanilla
  • Weis Sorbets – Lemon, Pineapple & Tahitian Lime, Summer Betties, Passion Orange and Australian Mango
  • Peters Frosty Fruits Icypoles – Tropical flavour only
  • Calippo Icepoles
  • Kingland Mango and Peach Yoghurt
  • Kingland Variety Yoghurt Pack
  • Nanna’s Mini Lite Apple Pies

Toppings & Sauces:
  • Cottees Toppings – Chocolate, Strawberry
  • Cole’s Strawberry Topping
Biscuits & Bars:
  • Leda Fruit Filled Bars – Triple Berry, Apple, Strawberry
  • Leda Chocolate Rum Balls
  • Leda Gingernut cookies
  • Leda Minton Biscuits
  • Leda Choculence
  • Leda Dunkies Biscuits
  • Leda Choc Chip Cookies
  • Leda Golden Crunch
  • Orgran Itsy Bitsy Bears Biscuits
  • Kids Outback Animals Biscuits
  • McVities Original Digestives
  • Golden Days Original Sesame Snaps
  • Arnott’s Nice Busicuits
  • Arnott’s Choc Ripple Biscuits
  • Arnott’s Lemon Crisp Biscuits
  • Oreos – Classic, Strawberry and Chocolate
Misc. Sweet Goods:
  • Coles Ready To Eat Caramel Popcorn
  • Movietime Multi-Coloured Popcorn
  • Mrs May’s Dry Snacks – Pumpkin Crunch, Cranberry Crunch
  • Coles Icecream Cones
  • Altimate Waffle Cones’
  • Freedom Foods Pancake Mix
Lollies Aisle:
  • Eskal Noble Choice Dairy Free Dark Mint Chocolate
  • Lindt Chocolate Blocks- 70% Cocoa and 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
  • Sweet William Chocolate Range
  • Hubba Bubba Bubblegum
  • Green & Black 70% Dark Chocolate Block
  • Skittles
  • X-Treme Sour Straps
  • Lifesavers



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