The invention of the ice cream and sorbet

The invention of the ice cream and sorbet “competitors” Spaniards, the Chinese ancient Rome, but no one knows exactly who invented it. Luciana Pouliot, gelato historian and museum curator, says that the first recipe for making ice cream, milk and eggs included, dated to the 17th century and written in Florence.


1) billion Chinese do not make mistakes …

This is a common mistake to think the ice cream was invented in Italy, the Kingdom of gelato. In fact, and like many other products, ice cream was invented in China thousands of years ago. The ice cream was invented in China is completely different ice cream as we know it today, and was made by mixing the noodles and ice.

(2) When arriving in Israel?

Israel’s first ice cream parlor opened in the ’50s by an immigrant couple from Bulgaria Jaffa, was sold “gum ice cream” with elastic and sticky texture based on an orchid powder, spice and rosewater Mstika. Only began to market ice cream in the country was very limited range of flavors which amounted mostly chocolate and vanilla flavors.

(3) not only chocolate – vanilla
In recent years “misbehave” with combinations and different flavors of ice cream around the world, even in Japan you can find red bean flavored ice cream, green tea ice cream and ice cream, sticky rice and dried.

(4) spicy Indian dessert
India sold ice cream called Kulfi includes unique flavors from the Far East spices like cardamom, saffron, avocado and more. In addition, it is likely a different method or Italian or French ice cream so its melting time is slow for them.

(5) can also fry
Ice cream deep fried in a dough mixture makes an excellent dessert that combines cold and hot, and this is a very popular dessert in China.

(6) the highest quality ice cream

Sorbet is a type of ice cream made from a blend of fruit puree, sugar syrup and stabilizers. Prepare the sorbet, slowly mixing machine to not enter the air mix, in order to create a dense, rich sorbet flavors.


Vegetarianism – Seven things to think about.

The modern lifestyle dictates us to live our lives to the fullest while just expecting from our bodies to function. Would your car keep on going if you’ll keep on giving it the WRONG kind of fuel?

Here are 7 reasons to go vegetarian. I know you’ll thank me later on 馃槈

  1. Eat a dark green vegetable (broccoli, spinach, kale, collard greens) at least three times a week. These nutritional powerhouses are packed full of vitamins such as calcium and iron. On the run or hate spinach? Try drinking your greens. I recommend Naked Juice’s Green Machine-its made with fruit juice as well as greens, so it tastes better than others.
  2. Take a vitamin supplement that contains B12 or include nutritional yeast in your diet regularly, especially if you’re vegan or mostly vegan.
  3. Water water water! It’s been said over and over again for a reason-because its true! Most people don’t drink nearly enough. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go and invest in a simple filter for your home. Water is especially important when adjusting to a new way of eating, as it will help curb any cravings you may experience.
  4. Make it a goal to eat at least one piece of raw fruit or a handful of raw vegetables every day try to eat an apple first thing in the morning to get it out of the way.
  5. Reduce your refined sugar intake. I’ve got as much of a sweet tooth as anybody, but I try to keep it under control by using such sugar replacers as brown rice syrup, stevia and agave nectar whenever possible (such as in coffee and tea) and indulging in the refined stuff only occasionally.
  6. Keep your favorite salad dressings on hand. I find that I’m much more likely to eat my greens or some raw veggies when my favorite salad dressings are in the fridge. A little variety is great too–I try to keep at least two kinds, either store bought or homemade on hand at all times. Some of my favorites are homemade goddess dressing, Thai peanut sauce from my local Asian grocer and raspberry vinaigrette. A vegan ranch dressing was helpful as well when I was trying to wean myself off dairy.
  7. Eat the rainbow! Fruits and vegetables all contain different nutrients. A simple way to remember to eat a range of vitamins and minerals is to vary the colors of the vegetables you eat. Of course, greens are always good, but try eating a rainbow of tomatoes, yellow squash and purple cabbage!

green leafs and healthy fruit

A few things i have read and wanted to share 聽

Did you know that super green foods are the only vegetables that can help animals maintain their weight, strength and good health even if it is consumed alone? Super greens can help boost your immune system. They are powerful antioxidants and have many other health benefits as well. Bottom line is super greens are one of the greatest things that can do good to your body. They do so much for our bodies, so we don’t have to worry much about being healthy.

Also another good thing is that there is no harm in eating super green foods, they give us so many nutrients and are the most natural way of getting everything your body needs to function and be healthy


Yes watermelon, watermelon can help digestion, urine, measure, quantity of water melon is more than 94% which helps maintain normal functional level of the kidneys. Amino acid found in watermelon increased efficiency of urine.
Although watermelon has a lot of advantages he can not be a substitute for a meal, preferably also eat small lizards and eat watermelon about four hours before bedtime, because it contains a lot of sugar and can cause fat accumulation in the body.


Cucumber contains about 98% -96% water, it is not only delicious but also nutritious, because it also contains fiber. Cucumber contains tartaric acid which is basically an organic acid used as an antioxidant, and can improve metabolism.
For these reasons it is recommended to eat cucumbers regularly to lose weight. But remember that this is a fresh cucumbers and a cucumber is not a substitute for a meal.


Tomatoes contain dietary fiber and also contain pectin and therefore highly recommended for eating.
Pectin is a multi Sugar causes a feeling of fullness, Tomato also contains lycopene (an antioxidant), reducing the calorie intake and reduce fat storage, tomato provides vitamins and maintains the stability of the body.
Tomato contains little sugar and few calories and lots of benefits therefore recommended to eat daily menu.